3D Printed Resin

From March 2021 RMK has started producing 3D Printed Resin Items

3D Printed Resin is the latest in 3D printing technology, it allows much sharper detail than filament printing and a more user friendly medium to work with. Unlike the resin used in casting this resin is hardened/cured using UV light to provide a tough and durable product that is harder than cast resin.

Like cast resin products 3D printed resin does require some work to get the best result. It should be cleaned in warm soapy water and given a light sand before any painting. Printed parts will also have small marks from where the printing supports were attached, these are mostly on the inside of bodies but also appear on the rear bumpers/panels.

There may also be ‘step marks’ in 3D printed resin products, these are areas between layers that are slightly misaligned and may require either sanding or putty filler to even out.

We can print most items in 1/24 scale and smaller so if what you want is in the wrong scale just contact us and we can print it for you.

The colour of resin may vary from that shown in pictures of products

3D printing Service

We also offer a 3D Printing Service, if you have a file you would like to print we can most likely help, contact us for more details 

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