Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the kits come with everything you need to build them?

A. Generally no, the vast majority of our kits require paint, glue and tools to make them. If a kit does include any of these items it will be noted in the listing.


Q. Can you send my order via an urgent courier to arrive before a set time?

A. No, we don’t use urgent couriers as they tend to be very expensive and still offer no guarantee of being any quicker than the normal service!


Q. Do you make models to order?

A. Sorry we don’t, there are people who offer this service and facebook groups are a good place to find them.


Q. Can you order a kit in for me?

A. Yes we can, usually we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit first, we can generally order any kit that’s currently in production. For harder to find kits we can also help.


Q. Do you have anything other than car kits?

A. We stock a few non auto kits but not many, however we can order in a kit for you upon request.

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